What Do Your Favorite Sex Positions Say About You?


what sex positions say about you

Sex is a part of human nature, and boy am I glad it is! You know I love me some good sex, but you might be surprised to know that sex is more than just a release of tension and a display of intimacy. Depending on your likes and preferences, it can be a pretty accurate description of who you are as a person. And let’s face it, we’re all pretty f**ked up so we might as well get f**ked down.

Aren’t you sick of vanilla sex? If you’re married, the last thing you want is to repeat the same moves over and over again like a broken record. Till death do us part, sure, but death might come a little faster than you expected unless you change it up from time to time. Deep down, sex is a mirror. It can reveal to us intimate things we might never have known about ourselves. So let’s talk about it!

There’s nothing wrong with playing by the rules, but are you letting it get in the way of taking chances? Are you always getting the same kind of drink when you go to a coffee shop? Are you always getting chicken when you go to a Chinese restaurant? Start taking risks. Sure missionary is a very intimate way of looking lovingly into the eyes of your partner, but hey, you already know what he looks like. It’s nice to let intimacy be the top priority in sex, but never let it become a barrier towards new discoveries. Chances are, you like to see the good things in life. Optimistic are you, eh? Well… be careful your optimism doesn’t turn into naivety.