Gay Teen Is The Latest Victim Of “Knock-Out” Punch Trend


gay teen punched randomly

14-year old Issaic [last name unidentified] from Albuquerque, New Mexico could be the latest victim of the so-called “Knock-out” game in which assailants try and knock out a passer-by with one punch while catching the whole thing on camera.

The whole thing was caught on one of the assailant’s cell phone and the video has since gone viral. The video shows gay teen Issaic walking in Coronado Mall when a teenage boy sneaks up behind him and served a harsh blow to the cranium. When mall security found out about the incident, they banned both Issaic and his attacker from stepping foot on the premises for a year.

“They said I got banned for fighting, but I didn’t even fight. I just got hit,” Issaic said to KOB4 News.

Reportedly, the teen who hit him had been threatening him for some time after Issaic had an argument online with a mutual female friend. Whenever the two found themselves in the mall at the same time, that’s when more words were exchanged.

“My friends just told me, you know, walk,” Issaic said, “Next thing I know, I’m laying on the floor. Whenever he wanted to fight me he was calling me a faggot and a queer and everything. He just didn’t like me being gay. I’m used to it, but I’m just like, ‘Why would you want to fight someone over that?’ It shouldn’t happen, but it did. I can’t change it, I mean, it’s life.”

Whether this was a question of the “Knock-out” game or not, if what Issaic says is true (which I don’t doubt) the whole incident would be considered a hate crime, yet, why is he being punished by mall authorities? Issaic has said that he wanted to speak out because, this time, life is really unfair. He wants to be allowed back at Coronado Mall and hopes the management will reconsider banning him from the mall.

Surprisingly, Issaic decided not to press charges.

Knock-out videos are becoming more frequent and have been covered on major news outlets as a serious issue, including CNN. According to Google Trends, the media has only reported such news within the last month, however many believe that they have been happening much longer than that.