Gay Man Killed By 3 Guys He Met On Grindr


gay man killed by 3 men he met on grindr -

New updates on a Michigan murder is leaving three young men facing life in prison. The deceased, 71-year old David Maurer, before this week, was the only one who knew the truth. Now, police are slowly receiving confessions from the killers that will make your skin crawl.

The three assailants, 19-year old Richard Thompson, 20-year old Rikky Ranger, and 19-year old Mark Paling had concocted a plan to rob Maurer via Grindr. Ranger had met Maurer on the hookup app a couple times before, though he claimes they never had “sex or any sexual relations,” according to reports. Paling stated that all three were homeless and needed money.

After they had Ranger set up a meeting, Maurer met the three men in the parking lot of a gas station where they followed him back to his Ann Arbor apartment. The four men drank alcohol, smoked pot, and at a certain time in evening, Maurer started to get sexually active with Ranger and Paling. That’s when they both signaled for Thompson, who got Maurer into a “sleepover headlock,” holding him there while Paling stole a .22 caliber revolver from a safe, as well as Maurer’s wallet, marijuana, cash, prescription pills, watches, and laptop. The choke-hold lasted about five to ten minutes, making Maurer’s body go limp very quickly.

Before they left, however, Thompson kicked Maurer in the body several times and punched him in the face. It was then he fell face first into the couch with his feet on the ground in a kneeling position – this was how his body was found by the apartment manager nearly a week later.

Investigators tracked the three young men down via credit card transactions they had used for hotel rooms, gasoline, and food. This past Sunday, all three were arraigned on charges of open murder, unarmed robbery, conspiracy to commit anarmed robbery, larceny in a building and larceny of a firearm at the Wastenaw County Jail.

All remain in jail without bond, and if convicted, each of them face life in prison. They’re scheduled to be in court for a preliminary exam on December 26.