The Gay Guys Straight Experience


straight guys fantasizing about gay guys

A gay guys “straight” experience isn’t usually worth bragging about. Often times it’s awkward, confusing, and leads to a hilarious story later on. Mine isn’t exactly worth bragging about, but let’s not go there. Despite the fact that many gay guys experiences have been weird, there are just as many that say it wasn’t bad at all, which makes me wonder if these lady experiences have somehow shaped our sex lives later on.

There has been numerous research showing a surprisingly high number of straight men fantasize about being with another man. In fact, it’s the fourth most common sexual fantasy among straight guys, oral sex being the most popular, according to psychologist Barry McCarthy. What makes a fantasy erotic is that it’s different from the reality of your sexual life. If that were true, wouldn’t it be likely for gay men to fantasize about women also?

It seems like gay men have two virginities: one with a guy, the other with a woman. It’s highly unlikely for one to die before losing both, but surprisingly many do. In today’s young generation there is less reason to hide or be in the closet, so many gay guys don’t feel pressure to have sex with a girl to try and fool society that they’re straight, which was a major reason for me when I was in high school. According to the urban dictionary, these guys are called “Gold Stars” and they’re slowly becoming the majority.

I’m not going to lie. There have been many times I’ve fancied women in a sexual way. Obviously I probably would never act on it again, but my imagination seems to have a mind of its own in this regard. Just like straight men, we’re prone to fantasize about what’s different from our reality. That’s the definition of sexual fantasies, and we’re not alone.

Across the internet, there are a countless number of forums where gay men have admitted to not only watching lesbian or straight porn, but have tried to act on it as well. Not in a threesome, but in a one-on-one type of scenario. Personally, if I watch straight porn I’m typically looking at the guy, but every once in a while I can’t help but look at the woman and get strangely turned on.

Though I welcome the idea that gay men don’t feel pressured to sleep with women when they don’t want to, I still wonder if depriving themselves a “straight experience” might limit their knowledge about sex in general. Don’t get me wrong. The last thing I want to do is send a wiener lover to a taco stand, but in a strange way I’ve found that my own experiences taught me a great deal about what I like and don’t like. In a way, it reassured my appreciation for men. Too bad, though. In my prime, the tacos loved me.

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