Straights Having Sex With Gays: What?!


Gay Guys - Straight Guys Having Sex with Gay Guys

Calling all America!

The “Down-Low” is not just for black men. According to new studies, 11% of men have said that they never have had sex with men, but would like too. What?!

If this is true, then 11% of the straighties that I’ve met in my life were into me… I like that idea. Maybe everyone in the world IS bisexual. According to other psychology studies, the percentage of straight men who have had sex with guys could be in the 30s! What is the reason for this sudden burst of interest?

According to an article in Psychology Today, straight men are very easy to have sex with if you are a gay man because it’s not so much the person that will get them off, but it’s the sexual act in general. In the gay community, most gay guys will tell you that in their lives, they’ve had sex with at least one straight person. If not, they have had some sexual encounter with one. Nowadays, since pop culture has created such an openness to the idea, guys are flocking to the gay side of the pond – just to experience.

The “identity” has nothing to do with it. It’s the sexual release, according to the article. The behavior might reflect a desire to experiment, to engage in something taboo, or to express inner psychological conflicts involving their sexual feelings and desires.

However, there are a lot of other factors that might come into play that might have a decent argument. Some guys (especially in big cities) have giant egos and love the attention they get from gay guys. The idea that another man finds them sexually attractive can turn them on in ways that only flourish their ego, not their groin. They will have sex for the adoration of their self image. It gives them booster points in the “hottness” department – at least they think so.

We’ve all heard stories about gay people who were on the baseball team, the football team, or even in the military and have had giant “circle jerks” with straight men to pass the time. They know they’re gay and some guys will even ask to get pleased. The emotional aspect is NOT there, this is what we need to understand. When straight guys have sex with other gay guys, it’s merely just for the ending result – and we all know what that is. This can obviously have an affect on the gay guy.

It happens more often than we think. A straight guy and his gay pal have sex one night after a drunken party, and because of this the gay guy falls in love. Why? Because straight men are hot, that’s why. The next morning, the straight guy is a little freaked out, but still in a state of “Woah! I totally just did that”, leaving the gay guy crushed (this is why I don’t date bisexuals).

How come we never act as surprised when it’s a woman? In fact, one of the most common questions women are asked by gay people is “Have you had sex with another girl?” Most of them will say, “Eh, I’ve tried.” – Like it’s the restaurant down the street or something – “Eh, I’ve tried that place. Too salty for me.”

Why have men become so uncomfortable to admit that they might want to have sex with a dude just to see what it’s like? Girls do it! We don’t even question them most of the time. America is getting more gay friendly, and men as a species feel the need to stay with the pack – no matter which water we tread. In the coming years, there is a prediction that most straight men will be much more comfortable with the idea of hooking up with guys, just to see what it’s like.

If they want to try the food at my restaurant, I’m all for it! But we have to know it’s a one stop shop and if they keep coming back for more, then it might be obvious which part of the pool he likes to swim.