Hook-Up Apps: Always On The “Grind”


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Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past four years, the gay community has become not only easier to get laid, but there is virtually NO effort in doing so. Grindr has taken over the world and everyone is just a finger click away to finding the one night stand they’ve always wanted – till tomorrow, that is.

Has Grindr rebirthed a new kind of sexual revolution?

Keeping up your profile picture on Grindr isn’t hard – pose in front of the mirror, flex a bit, and type under the image these words: “Man for friends or fun. Face pic = no response.” Oh, sheer poetry.

I admit I’ve dabbled in an app or two (or three) – but I digress – have they become so overbearing in our culture that they’ve brainwashed our minds? Some people are online ALL DAY, falling in love with the men that they’re chatting with while their work productivity begins a slow decline into an abyss that can only be responded with that little ring: “Buh-dluup!”

I’m sure Joel Simkhai, the founder of Grindr, had no idea that this little app would be used by over 4 million users around the globe – 1 million of those being daily users. Seems like a few straighties are doing something naughty when they’re in their room “playing Xbox.”

When asked why they have a grindr, most gays would say, “It’s because I’m single.” That is a respectable answer, however a lot of users aren’t just there for hooking up, in fact they are there for the opposite – to find relationships…. ha! On an app where men are showing their pelvic muscles and chiseled backsides, I highly doubt that love is what they will find. That’s what OkCupid is for.

Is it just me, or has Grindr made it easier for gay guys to be more racist?

“No White”, “No Blacks”, “No Latinos”, “No Asians”. Eek! When the penis talks, it certainly makes a point. Temporary flings have always been in the gay community. The times when we used to meet at the flag pole in the park or the pier by the bay now seems comical.

It’s crazy when you’re going to get tested at the HIV clinic and every three minutes, you hear “Buh-dloop!” They just got another customer.

When a straight person discovers that we have this app, they’re always so shocked, yet to us, it has become not a big deal – Yeah. I hook up with strangers that I meet on my phone. So what?

Imagine if straight people had this app. Apparently, Joel Simkhai is working on a straight version entitled Project Amicus. In about three years, I imagine an entire world of casual sex happening everywhere. Do you think it would interfere with world peace?

If it does, I will be right there waiting… 25 feet from you.