Alan Gendreau Could Be The First Openly Gay NFL Superstar!


Gay Guys - Alan Gendreau - First Gay NFL Palyer

It’s happened folks. The gay wet dream of every high school gay boy has come true – the football hero is GAY. Well… potential football hero that is, if star kicker Alan Gendreau gets drafted to the NFL. Not only will Gendreau be one of the first openly gay professional football stars, but he could have the potential of being a huge leap forward in the coming-outs of future athletes.

Gendreau won’t be the first gay athlete, but he is the first openly gay football player going into the NFL in history. Most other “out” players have come out after the fact, not during the sport. In fact, Brendon Ayanbadejo, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens, claimed that there will be four big NFL stars that will be coming out shortly – who are they?! The world is asking themselves.

Gendreau, who was shunned by the church when he was a teenager, has been open nearly all his life. All through high school and college football, he has never been in the closet. Apparently, his team didn’t give a hoot – could this be signs of the times? When asked about the support of his team on his sexuality, Gendreau replied, “They are totally fine with it.”

Football has always had a stigma attached, mostly because the macho jocks are the main bullies in high schools. They tease the gays in every feature film since cinema was invented, and what was first turning into a stereotype became just plain rules of High School. The football jocks picked on the gays, that was how it worked.

Gendreau talks about his football teams with much respect. “People don’t understand how close a team is,” he says. Well if he is going to bring millions of dollars to the league, which is what many sports analysts are saying, I wouldn’t care if he slept with scarecrows! The fact that he is getting so much press, the hype in numbers about his possible salary are circulating like wildfire.

He almost got into the NFL after he graduated from Middle Tennessee State a year ago. Scouts were watching him in particular, until something happened in that game which forced him to lose his cool – many players have since come out to say that it wasn’t his fault. Since then, he had left the game behind him until he decided to come back.

Thank God he did!

Gendreau might make a football fan out of me yet. These kinds of happenings are the very things we need to be doing more often. A successful football hero who is gay could give the heterosexual-homophobic community something to reconsider.